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Fresh from announcing their first UK tour, SWAY have released the first track from their forthcoming AA side 7inch vinyl on the GOOD//CAREFUL label.

It’s an account of the second-hand struggle of watching someone close to you be torn apart in a toxic relationship. It’s seeing them being manipulated and even abused by someone who should love them, and trying to get through to them that what they’re feeling is truly not OK.

“SWAY seem to manage both the weight and expectations of rekindling shoegaze and noise-pop’s glory days while standing firmly planted in the now and next.“ - Vanyaland’s Michael Marotta reviews “Haven”.

“It sees the band take yet another massive stride with their blend of new age shoe-gazing and power guitar riffs. … the tension is racked up throughout the 5 minutes, as a strong vocal performance by Craig Milroy puts us through an emotional rollercoaster. … You're exhausted but itching for that repeat button.” - Mockit Music on “Haven”.

“A touching ode to finding the inner peace and serenity that has always evaded you in life within the beautiful visage of another, the tension created by the intricate and almost indecisive guitar part that haunts its verses before the soaring revelation of its chorus makes for a compelling yet heartrending listen.” - Tenement TV’s “Haven” premiere.

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Founded when most of its members remained on the bridge between adolescence and adulthood, SWAY’s embryonic stages saw the band wrestle to come to terms with what they wanted to be as they idly wandered between genres and niches. Built upon influences ranging from boisterous indie rock to deeply introspective shoegaze and post-punk, their perseverance and ardent determination that was bred from playing in local Paisley venues soon spawned a prodigiously talented unit that managed to amalgamate their diverging tastes into an invigorating sound of their own devising.

Led by the tempestuous dichotomy that exists between their two lead vocalists in Craig Milroy and Matt Aitchison, their songs evoke a full spectrum of human emotion ranging from contemplative examinations of the self to the volatile nature of modern love.

With a litany of massive shows under their belt including rousing performances at Xpo North, Stag & Dagger, and Tenement Trail alongside headline shows and support slots with prominent acts such as  Marmozets, The View, JAWS, and Catholic Action to name a few, the band have gradually evolved from an exciting young prospect to a band that’s capable of taking the UK by storm. Set to embark on their first tour that includes shows in London, Manchester and a headline show at their native Glasgow’s Broadcast among others, the emphatic responses to last year’s ‘To Be A Man’ and the exhilarating new single ‘Another Lover’ have proved that they have galvanised a following all by themselves without the need for strategic streaming service playlisting or anything other than their own ingenuity.  Spurred on by their audience’s rapacious desire to hear more, SWAY have recently decamped to the illustrious Chem19 Studios to commence work on their debut EP that’s slated for a full release next year via GOOD//CAREFUL.

"Filled with entrancing guitars, brooding bass lines and the customarily emphatic percussion that’s became a prerequisite of their sound, this latest single resonates as the clearest representation of the sheer power of their live shows that’s been captured on record." Tenement TV on “Another Lover”

“Sway have all the ingredients to go all the way.” GigSlutz

“The fluidity and brotherhood displayed between them all, while often seen, is refreshing in the scene considering how they channel it into their music as well as their live shows.” Transistor